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     Your hard work and dedication in your Cleaning services do not go unnoticed, thank you.
Emily J.17/05/2024
     This company has never let us down, always providing top-notch service.
Rene Wood22/04/2024
     Thanks to the incredible deep cleaning service by this company, my flat is now sparkling clean! Will definitely be using their services again in the future.
L. Willoughby30/03/2024
     My heart skipped a beat as I opened the door and saw how flawless my home looked thanks to your hard work yesterday.
Georgina T20/03/2024
     Service went above and beyond what we expected; very knowledgeable professionals that showed extreme commitment towards taking care of our home!
Jean Woods01/12/2023
     I'm beyond pleased with what Kenley Carpet Cleaner did to my home - it looked fantastic and smelled delightful when they were finished.
A. McAlister19/07/2023
     I used Carpet Cleaners Kenley two weeks ago and they were that good, I've already recommended their cleaning services to others.
Zack W19/05/2020
     With seven kids, we don't have much time for home cleaning. That's why this company is such a blessing! They make our lives easier! Best cleaning company. Thank you!
Gene and Maude R.20/09/2019
     I needed upholstery cleaning service at its best after moving in my new home. Carpet Cleaning Kenley came in and did a great job.
     What can you do when you drop a bottle of whiskey and it seeps through the cracks of your hardwood floor? Not much at the time, but I found out I could at least have the hardwood floor professionally cleaned to minimise the damage and to help alleviate the smell of a brewery I ended up with. Kenley Carpet Cleaning delivered with their service and professionalism, I will call them again if the problem persists.
Alan H.29/08/2016
     We have been in the process of trying to sell our office space for the last 8 months. Finally we found a suitable buyer for it. As a part of the agreement, we had to get the space cleaned thoroughly. We hired Kenley Carpet Cleaning as they have been our trusted associate for 3 years now. Their office cleaning service is exceptional; they use quality products to bring out excellent results. We highly recommend them for office cleaning.
Jack N.19/08/2015
     Our student apartments are cleaned regularly by the cleaners from KenleyCarpetCleaners and the effort they go to is very impressive. The cleaning agency gets round every single apartment spending equal time on each and they do all the rooms, and get right into the corners. They do useful things like polishing the floors and the windows and the cleaners will always roll up their sleeves and clean the ovens and fridges. The brilliant service we have had from this cleaning company is well worth the investment and I would definitely recommend them to others.
D. Gabriel05/11/2014
     I have always used KenleyCarpetCleaners, since I can remember, which was about four years ago. In all honesty, tree is so much to be said for finding an excellent cleaner to help you with the domestic cleaning every week, that it seems strange not to have one. I am a big advocate of this company, and recommend that anyone in need of a really excellent domestic cleaning service get in touch with them post haste! A wonderful team and a wonderful service, really top notch all round.
John Donne31/07/2014
     It's not often I will write a review for something but I couldn't let KenleyCarpetCleaners not know what I think. Their services were lifesaver as they helped me the problems I faced. My house become safely messy quickly and staying on top of it means that I have to spend a lot of time and energy one getting it done. However, they have seen to everything for me. Their cleaners came to my house and did a great job with everything and they did as strong a job. I have to thank them for making my home clean twice and I know they'll do it again for me in the future.
S. Farash20/06/2014
     If you can get some help from KenleyCarpetCleaners, you'll definitely never look to anyone else ever again. I am always amazed when a company gets so much praise from so many people and I'm always a bit suspicious as well. Thankfully, everything which has been said about their services turned out to be true and I don't think I could be happier with their services. I had a couple of stains which needed removing and just a general clean, really. But they have delivered so much more and I cannot really recommend them enough when it comes to cleaning.
Jose Wood04/06/2014
     After having my hip replacement my mobility was massively decreased, my wife who suffers with rheumatoid arthritis often suffers occasions of flare ups too and during this time nothing regarding housework is done at home, at all. This is not a great time for us, it angers me that I cannot do more, it upsets my wife that jobs are not attended to and it leaves a sense of helplessness across us both. We were told about KenleyCarpetCleaners through a mutual friend and although initially felt reluctant we did eventually agree to try them out. Afterwards we realised that these people are very helpful and they do a fab job too, I shall be hiring them again in the future.
Gordon Y.08/05/2014
     I've used some really great professional cleaning companies in the past, but none of them can even come close to KenleyCarpetCleaners. This is a company that provides an excellent house cleaning service that's quick and professional, and the prices are just great for the service that you get. My cleaner gets into those hard-to-reach places that I never managed to and makes sure that everything is left looking sparklingly clean. This is a brilliant cleaning company; the staff are all very friendly and punctual, which I really appreciate! I can't imagine me ever using a different cleaning service in the future!
     Given the rate at which my place seems to get messy, I have sort of given up on cleaning properly, in favor of pushing a hoover around every now and again, and getting a deep clean from KenleyCarpetCleaners every week. It makes all the difference, I no longer feel the pressure of the housework on me all the time, and with how good the cleaners are, you can't really get much better! I'd certainly recommend them to anyone who needs to relax a little and take some time off from the housework.
Nadine Hudson05/03/2014
     Ensuring that your house is clean and tidy can be stressful, so I use KenleyCarpetCleaners. They have always done an excellent job, whilst also charging extremely competitive rates, which certainly keeps me happy! When I first went to hire a cleaning company for the domestic cleaning, I was concerned that the time it saved me would be outweighed by the cost, but I have found the amount of stress that it relieves is well worth the low price! Frankly, anyone who gets tired of struggling to keep up with the house work should look in to getting them round!
Louise Perry07/01/2014